What We Offer

“We believe that helping without expectation is the biggest kind of reward”

Ideate. Validate. Ideate. Validate.

We know it is extremely hard to start a new venture. We prefer not see your money wasted. We will listen to your idea, and together come up with ways to validate (test) it. Reaching out to 100 to 200 ideal target customers will give you tremendous insight into your new venture. That is exactly where to go first. These insights can be used to tweak, pivot, or press on. We will help you decide.

If the hardest part is getting started, you and your new business venture already took a tremendous step. Equal to our love of building intuive software, we love helping out businesses with no strings attached. We believe that helping without expectation is the biggest kind of reward.


We understand you want things to be perpect; we can't promise that (does not exsist in software). Your business vision and goals are at the forefront of the design. We work tirelessly together with you to find the best user experience.
Getting to your customers to make your first "sell" is uterly important. We will keep that in mind to get your MLP out as quick as possible.


We don't build MVPs, we build MLP (Minimum Lovable Product). We don't just engineer responsive interfaces; we love software too much for that. We build intuitive simple interfaces. There is beauty in simplicity. We build to scale.


Lanching your MLP is only the tip of the iceberg. We will literally put dozens of systems in place to make sure things run smoothly. No good engineering is done without it.


Get Going - Free

  • 1hr Call with me or my team member
  • Brainstorming on idea validation
  • Brainstorming on idea monetization
  • Tech Stack overview
  • TIps and tricks to get started

Going Strong - $500.00+

  • More Brainstorming and Testing time
  • We build 4k prototype
  • Analysis of requirement
  • In depth tech analysis
  • Landing page creation
  • Everything in Get Going

Taking off - $4,200.00+

  • We build a scalable MLP (MVP)
  • Branding suggestion and analysis
  • 6 months of support
  • Tech advisory
  • Everything in going strong